Manga yunglat hte slam dat nngai

Moi kaji ten hta shalawt da gin ra ni e jahpawt jawng lung ten shagu mahkwn yu sai,
Mungmasa mahkawn re.

An hte a Wunpawng mungdan kata de ,tawt lai shang kabye rawng nga ai,Maigan hpyen mahkra hpe,
Atsai awai gawt shapraw kau nhtawm , mungshawa hta shadip jahpang nga ai wunpawng Gumrawng gum tsa mung dan ,Gaw sharawt shagrin da ai shani she wunpawng mungda ngwi pyaw simsa ai hte rau rawt galu gaba wa na re ngu ai hpe an hte da king dalang kam sham ga ai.

Friday, December 9, 2011

KIA General Gunhtang Gam Shawng Briefing
Till today we KIA and Kachin people have join hand together to defend our land and protect Kachin civilian from invasion attack launch by Burma government army since 09 June 2011. We have no other options for peaceful political solution but KIA forces need to defend Burma army attack and invasion against Kachin people. However KIA is still perusing with possible political mean to resolve the civil war fire ignited by Burma government army.
So, serpent Satan Burma army has launched major offensive military operations with the intention for ethnic cleansing against KIA and Kachin people. Thus Burma army has deployed unusual large numbers of soldiers and using all kind of weapons, bombs and artillery for deadly civil war game against KIA and Kachin people. It was very clear that Burma army has committed grave human right violation against KIA and Kachin people with its acts of ethnic cleansing operations. The Burma army has launch its civil war against Kachin civilian as though we are the foreign intruders or foreign enemy.
Since the Panglung agreement was signed over 60 years ago by Kachin and other ethnic groups, including Burmese people to proclaim independent from British colonel rule 12 February 1947. However Burmese leaders were broken their deed in the agreements to rule autonomy stae government instead Burma military has intention to rule with dictatorship till today. All these years we Kachin have not give hope, supports and help from any government or neighbor country in any circumstances and situations. Obviously no one come forward to offer help and assist to Kachin people and other ethnic minorities in the Burma as the Asian neighbor countries government support majority people only with the hope for return of  economy benefit.
However we Kachin have almighty God who love us, providing us, protect us and created us as Kachin people. We are more than conqueror in him with the strength from almighty God to glorify his name. What else do we need? We have almighty God with us and he has providing us richly all our needs, thus we have all we needs before him.
We KIA have given defensive operations code name called “Padang Hkrun Lam Majan Masing” for our defensive operations against Burma invasion. We are leading and fighting this battle with the strength of our God  almighty and the God of more than a  conqueror. Let our faith and strength in our God and let us be faithful in our God, surely we will defeat the enemy with the strength from God.
Therefore do not be fret or fear of any enemy against KIA or Kachin people, we must put our hope in our almighty and awesome God to glorify his name as conqueror for God in this battle.  I urge all our Kachin people to stand united as one in God to defeat the enemy that fighting against us in time of current civil warfare start by Burma regime government.
General Guhtang Gam Shawng
Kachin Independent Army(KIA), Kachin Land